Welcome to the « Maison du numérique » !

Where digital technology meets simplicity 

The Principality is committed to making digital technology accessible to everyone.

The Maison du numérique is the latest hub for support, education, and exploration of digital technology in Monaco. 

Whether you require assistance with everyday usage, want to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, or seek guidance on mobile applications, our aim is to simplify your life.

Our bilingual team provides a wide range of free services, activities, and training tailored to both beginners and advanced users. 

We look forward to meeting you ! 

User assistance

For those who want to explore the digital world at their own rhythm.

Our 2 advisors are on hand to answer all your questions, help you get to grips with your mobile devices and help you better understand the digital world.

We also offer you access to a wide variety of digital equipment such as computers, tablets and smartphones, to explore and test the latest technologies.


For those who want to learn and practice new digital skills

In small groups, you can familiarize yourself with different software, applications and digital tools, in a fun and hands-on way to strengthen your understanding and skills. Our workshops cover a wide range of topics such as digital identity, online TV, mobile apps, photo editing and more.

You can choose a workshop according to your interests or needs. 
Remember to book your workshop in advance!


For those who want to keep up to date with the latest technological trends

Experts share their experience in a pedagogical and didactic way during talks designed to inform and raise public awareness of the latest trends and advances in the digital field in Monaco.

Emerging technologies, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, dematerialized services... Come meet our experts and engage in discussion!

Whether you're a digital novice or expert, join us to explore the digital world together!